Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sketches and Characters

These are some sketches and drawings of characters I made for a cartoon of mine. I wanted to make them all in flash animations but that sure is hard to do when you have little to no education on the subject of animation and that you're the only one doing it!

This is one of my best friends Cesar(left)! He's in the navy right now and is currently freezing his ass off in Maine. I put some of his interesting and fun personality into his cartoon character. The cartoon character Cesar is short tempered, aggressive, assertive, always likes a good argument, but really mellows out whenever he smokes or is hanging with his friends. Kind of a bipolar guy. Cesar channels his aggressive behavior through bombing (graffiti). He likes to vandalize mostly private property, "the bigger the fences, the better the canvas" he always says! Of course, as with nearly all of my characters, he's funny too, so that goes without saying!

Here are some drawings of him!

Very few drawings... I need to keep making more different ones, see which is more appealing. As for now, I think the top two on the right will do (when he had longer hair). It's pretty much what Jose drew of him.

Now here he is looking at a potential bombing spot!

Jose (top) and Weirdo (bottom).

More doodles.

Going through my old stuff makes me realize I need to focus on construction. I start off okay, build proportions, guide lines, but then I just wing it the rest of the drawing. I need to kick that old habit! With everything going on here in real life, it's a miracle I'm writing on this post and drawing at all! I miss high school... now there was a time when I drew so much during class!

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